01 Kate Tucker 2014 Unstable elements

03 Kate Tucker 2014 Connection points

06 KATE TUCKER 2014 Impossible view

9 In-the-done 2500pw

5 Removal-of-accuracy 2500pw


Kate’s exhibition ‘Unstable Elements’ is a collection of aesthetically charged abstract paintings featuring detailed patterning and collisions of rich colour.

Each painting captivates the viewer into a landscape of chaos and calm, darkness and light and the forms and geometries create compositions that challenge one’s perception of what is real or virtual.  

It is a truly stunning body of work and the catalogue essay written by Phip Murray is well worth a read.

Currently showing at Helen Gory Gallery until the 26th July, 2014.

Image 1)  ‘Unstable Elements’  2014, oil on linen. Image 2) ‘Connection Points’  2014, oil on linen. Image 3) ‘Impossible View’ 2014, acrylic & oil on board. Image 4) ‘In the Done’ 2014, acrylic & oil on board. Image 5) ‘Removal of Accuracy’ 2014, oil on linen (dyptich)

For further info on Kate’s work, do visit her website here.


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